The Lost Diggers of Fromelles

A Joint Project by St Clare's College and St Mary's Cathedral College

Here is a resource for Samuel.

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A sad story. Was one of three brothers fighting at Fromelles, two of which were killed during the battle. Will add more later but died heroically, after going forward and bombing (throwing grenades) the German trenches he was rushed by a large group of Germans. He held his bombs until they were on top of him and then detonated them, killing himself in the process.

Wow. He is a guy Chloe recommended but we haven't had a chance to explore him much. I will check him out tomorrow. So many sad stories. I can understand how it has got you fascinated. Steve and I have been really blown away by the whole project. We are looking forward to catching up with you. I am not sure if we can do it next week but I will keep in touch. We might have to arrange it for the first week back after the hols.

Talk soon.

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